Costs & Aid

Costs & Aid

At University of the Ozarks, we’re serious about delivering an exceptional education that’s affordable and accessible.

2022-23 Costs

  • Tuition: $24,950.00
  • Room & Dining: $8,358.00
  • Learning Materials: $1,000.00

Total Cost $34,308.00

Comparison (2021-22)

U of O Costs: $33,950.00
National Private 4-Year Colleges: $51,690.00

*These total costs are before any scholarships, grants or other aid. Last year, we gave away $11.9 million in institutional scholarships and financial aid to 99% of our students. Explore possible aid below:


Up to $18,500 per student
(Institutional & AR Chall)


Up to $8,500 per student
(Federal & Pfeffer)


Up to $6,495 per student
(Pell Grant)


Up to $3,740 per student
(10 hours Federal Work-Study for freshman)

Got Questions?

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Family income distribution

We work hard to ensure college is affordable for everyone, because Ozarks students come from all walks of life.

Family Income Range# of Students% of Students
$0 – 39,99931545%
$40,000 – 79,99918026%
$80,000 – 119,99910415%
$120,000 – 159,999507%
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